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Busrides, From Prototyping To Problem Solving. Episode 12. Thumbnails pictures of the 9 teams who were part of the Practicum.

From prototyping to problem solving

Our first CSPS Digital Academy Premium training ended with a resounding “Wow” in June. Practicum combined adrenaline and pride to surprise the Digital Academy team and trainees alike.

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Episode 8: Design With Users

In our last episode, we asked you to vote for the digital standards that most interested you. The results are in! You chose “Designing with Users”. 

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Episode 6: Let’s Get Digital

Watch the video or listen to the podcast with our guest Chahine El Chaar, Director of Modernization, Innovation and Delivery, who shares how his department, Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED), brought in a digital office to change how employees work, to modernize the workplace and to increase efficiency.

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Episode 5: #GCDigital

(5 min read) In the early 2000s, the government got “on the internet”. Although this initiative was particularly intended to meet the needs of the departments (the form is online in PDF format, you may print it), it is high time to meet the needs of . . . people.

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