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Welcome to Test your Digital IQ!

Do you demonstrate good digital skills in your everyday life? The following questions investigate 6 core areas of digital skills: Communication, Collaboration, Learning, Literacy, Acumen and Security & Privacy. This five-minute quiz will help you consider where your digital strengths lie and which skills you should consider developing further.  Your answers are anonymous!

Circular graphic which lists different types of digital skills: Digital collaboration, digital learning, digital literacy, security and privacy, digital acumen, digital communication

I use digital collaboration tools to meet with, share and collaborate with colleagues.

I see value in using online collaboration tools to help me do my job more effectively and efficiently.

I communicate with others digitally using means other than email.

I understand my organization’s social media policies.

When I hear about a new technology, I research it to learn more.

I have participated in Twitter chat events.

I sign up for online courses, webinars or events.

I  use discussion forums to find or share information.

I can solve a problem I encounter with a device or digital service using online resources.

I know how to effectively use search terms in Google to generate specific results

I use the internet to legally access content for entertainment including films, music, games and books.

I know how to find reliable online sources and data to support my decisions at work.

I have explored the Government of Canada’s Open data website for information.

 I use a mobile app to order taxis or ride-shares.

I manage my monetary transactions through my banking app or website.

I can name websites that are powered by artificial intelligence.

When new software or online tools become available in government, I am generally an early adopter.

I can adapt my communication modes and strategies according to the people I am communicating with.

I network with other government colleagues outside my department.

I have created a wiki page before to collaborate or share information with others.

I can recognize suspicious links in email, websites, social media messages and pop ups.

I challenge status quo in my organization when I see an opportunity to innovate.

I understand how to protect and secure my personal data from threats through privacy settings.

I know what computer cookies are and how third parties might use this information when I navigate the Web.